Meet the Instructors


I started pole back in 2016 after I’d had my 3 older children. I wanted something just for me that would help me build back up strength and confidence that I’d lost while having 3 young children. I considered the gym but I have a very short attention span and knew I’d get bored easily.

So I found a pole class and nervously went along and oh man did I struggle, even a basic fireman was so hard but I absolutely fell in love and accepted the challenge! Aerial hoop fell into my life around 18 months later and once again I found a new love in my life, the freedom of flying takes all my stresses away.

Then baby number 4 made an appearance which somehow evolved into the start of Blossom and what an amazing journey it has been. I’ve become very comfortable to push myself out of my comfort zone. I started enjoying pushing my limits and I definitely became more patient and self-loving.

My job is incredibly rewarding, it’s priceless for me to share my passion with my students and watch them grow and achieve their goals, whether it’s physically, emotionally or mentally.


I’ve been doing pole since April 2016 instantly falling in love, continuously working hard in classes (it’s not easy for sure but it all pays off) to eventually wanting to advance my skills in aerial.

I joined the Blossom team in Carlisle, co owning our first studio ready for opening up in 2019, and fully qualifying with Xpole to teach. 

I absolutely love watching my students grow each week in classes and get excited when they finally get that nemesis trick supporting then through the whole journey.

I also specialises in flexibility and heel work, gaining 4 competition places so far, including a First Place title in Dance Filthy UK 2021 from competing and eager to do more.